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ZELLULIP with pure, natural essential oils such as laurel, sandalwood, grapefruit and cedar has a gentle detoxifying, dehydrating and damming effect on the entire connective tissue.
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This active synergy with pure essential oils is used as a supplement for all massages and treatments. For a whole body treatment we add about 12 drops to the base oil, for a partial massage about 6 drops. Never apply it pure to the body, only locally or in combination with a base oil.
Hightech natural ingredients CYPRESS | vigorous, cellulite
EUCALYPTUS | palliative
CEDAR | muscles
SANDALWOOD | tightening, cleansing, building up
LEMONGRASS | vitalizing
ROSEMARY EXTRACT | super-antioxidants, microcirculation
GRAPEFRUIT| astringent, inspiring
JOJOBA OIL | moisturizing, skin barrier, antioxidants