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Classic basic massage oil. A blend of the smooth sesame oil and the grippy sunflower oil. Traditionally used for Ayurveda massages. Very skin-friendly.
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This basic massage oil with sesame and sunflower can be used for all body treatments and body massages: For classic partial and whole body massage we use approx. 10-30ml massage oil, heat it as desired, apply it to the body and massage. Due to the skin care properties, the massage oil can be left on the body after the treatment. In order to respond to the different needs of our customers, the Massage Oil can be refined with our active and natural oils. The following are the recipes:
- Sports massage: 10-30ml Base Massage Oil / 6-12 drops Active Synergy SPORT RELAX / approx. 3-6ml Arnica Montana Oil (approx. 3-6 ml) SAINT JOHN's WORT
- Relaxation massage: 10-30ml base massage oil / 6-12 drops Active Synergy RELAXING
- Activating massage: 10-30ml base massage oil / 6-12 drops Active Synergy ACTIVATING
- Ayurvedic massages: 30-50ml Basic massage oil / depending on constitution: 6-12 drops Active Synergy VATA - PITTA - KAPHA - TRIDOSHA
- Forehead - Sirodhara: As an alternative to the pure sesame oil, this base massage oil can also be used for the Sirodhara.
- Lomi-Lomi Massage: 50-150ml Basic massage oil
** To increase the grip on the body massages, the soothing body massage cream can be added to the massage oil for about 5 to 10ml of all the massages. The quantity of the massage oil is reduced by 5-10ml and replaced by the massage cream.
** Especially during the warm season, we recommend applying the COOLING LEG RELIEF GEL (approx. 1 pump dosing per leg) to the legs of the customer as a cooling, fresh finish after the treatment.
Hightech natural ingredients SUNFLOWER OIL | skin care, suppleness  
SESAME OIL | skin care, suppleness
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