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Body Shape Cellulite Cream, 250ml

Smoothing body cream


The revolutionary Body Shape Cellulite Cream with a high concentration of functional ingredients helps to counteract the appearance of the cellulite. Selective extracts from sundew, ivy, sandalwood and cypress are giving a firm, smooth and toned skin feeling.
250 ml
500 ml
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Suited to Ideal to counter the imperfections of cellulite.
Apply to the desired body area several times a day and massage with circular movements.
Hightech natural ingredients SUNDEW (CARNIVOROUS PLANT) | anti-cellulite, modelling, firming
IVY EXTRACT | astringent, strenghtening on blood vessels
CYPRESS | astringend, lymphatic decongestion
COFFEE | skin-tightening, stimulating
SANDALWOOD | regenerating, epithelializing, lymphatic decongestion
GRAPE SEED OIL | emollient, regenerating, antioxidative
OLIVE OIL | suppleness, stimulating the blood circulation
ALMOND OIL | skin care, refatting
SHEA BUTTER | refatting, calming, strengthening of the lipid layer
ALOE VERA | soothing, moisturizing