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The invigorating and detoxifying properties of the alpine fango are often used in detox treatments. The magnificent alpine scent is responsible for his unique character. Ideal for body wraps.
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The Detoxifying Activating Alpine Fango is suitable as a body wrap with a deliberately detoxifying, activating and purifying effect and can be used on every softpack system or every overheating bath. The product can be applied directly to the body (approx. 80-100g). We recommend diluting the product with approx. 20-40 ml of pure lukewarm water. We recommend the following formula for an even more intensive treatment experience:
- 80 g Detoxifying Activating Alpine Fango / 10ml Premimum Massage Oil / 20-40ml pure lukewarm water / 6-12 drops Active Syngery LYMPHIP
This recipe is mixed well in a bowl, preheated in the hot cabi and thinly applied to the relevant body zones (legs, buttocks, upper arms - thyroid gland and heart region) with a body brush. We recommend an exposure time of approx. 15-20 minutes. Finally, we recommend a hot shower to remove the product. Alternatively, wet compress towels can also be used for removing the product.
** The Detoxifying Activating Alpine Fango does not contain algae and is therefore an ideal alternative to the Firming Algae Cellulite Treatment.
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