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Firming Algae Cellulite Treatment,, 1100g

Algae are often used in treatments against cellulite and are very popular all over the world for their detoxifying, toning and strengthening effects. Ideal for wraps.
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This ready-to-use algae mixture is suitable as a body wrap for cellulite treatments and can be used on any softpack system or for any overheating bath. The product can be applied directly to the body (approx. 80-100g). We recommend diluting the product with approx. 20-40 ml of pure lukewarm water. We recommend the following formula for an even more intensive treatment experience:
- 80 g Firming Algae Cellulite Treatment / 20-40ml pure lukewarm water / 15 g Pure Dead Sea Salt / 10 ml Genine Gotu Kola Extract / 6-12 drops Active Syngery ZELLULIP
This recipe is mixed well in a bowl, preheated in the hot cabi and thinly applied to the relevant body zones (legs, buttocks, upper arms - thyroid gland and heart region) with a body brush. We recommend an exposure time of approx. 15-20 minutes. Finally, we recommend a hot shower to remove the product. Alternatively, wet compress towels can also be used for removing the product.
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