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Gentle Clarifying Enzyme Peel, 50 ml

Delicate enzyme peeling for sensitive skin


Effective and gentle enzyme peeling with papaya and pineapple extract for deep cleansing of particularly sensitive skin. Dead skin cells are gently removed without harming the active skin cells. The natural renewal process of the skin is gently stimulated and the skin is provided with moisture. For a pure and silky soft skin feeling.
pH: ~4.5-5.5 // enzymes: ~1%
Art.Code: SC037


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  • Especially gentle enzyme peeling for home care with keratolytic enzymes
  • Dissolves dead skin cells without harming the active skin cells
  • The natural renewal process of the skin is gently stimulated
  • Clarifying, firming and moisturizing

Sensation Purified, smoothed and deeply cleansed

Fragrance Fruity, fresh

Suited to Sensitive skin with a tendency to couperose, male skin
Apply to face, neck and décolleté. After approx. 4 minutes, remove thoroughly with lukewarm water or a warm and humid sea sponge. Application: 1 time per month.
Hightech natural ingredients PAPAYA EXTRACT | has an enzymatic and toning effect, can smooth out small wrinkles; papain acts on the skin like an exfoliator without harming the active skin cells
PINEAPPLE EXTRACT | rich in enzymes and vitamin C, it deacidifies the body, has a soothing effect and can protect the skin from the action of harmful radicals; dissolves dead skin cells
GLYCOLIC ACID | gently removes dead skin cells; moisturizes the skin, can strengthen the collagen fibers and gently stimulate cell regeneration; cleansing and pore refining; can smooth fine lines and wrinkles