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Skin Repair Well Aging Body Cream, 250ml

with grapes & sea buckthorn


Intensive Anti Aging Body Cream for a youthful radiance and a unique skin feel. Super-antioxidants ensure ideal protection, the first-class extracts from the wine grape, the sea buckthorn and the baobab ensure a firm and smooth skin feel.
250 ml
500 ml
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Apply several times a day and massage gently.
Hightech natural ingredients GRAPE SEED OIL | skin care, smoothing, anti-age
SEA-BUCKTHORN | soothing, skin-protecting, anti-age
BAOBAB | anti-age
ROSEMARY EXTRACT | super-antioxidants
SUNFLOWER OIL | skin care, suppleness
ALMOND OIL | skin care, refatting
ALOE VERA | soothing, moisturizing