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Timo & Pino Respiration Balm, 50ml

Ointment with thyme & pine


Balm Thyme & Scots Pine: Breathe freely and actively. In times of cold, the alpine essences of thyme, pine, mint and eucalyptus let you breathe freely again. Ideal before falling asleep and during the day.
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Apply the balm and massage gently with circular movements.
Hightech natural ingredients PEPPERMINT | refreshing, soothing
THYME | balsamic
PINE | strengthening, balsamic
EUCALYPTUS | mucolytic, anti-inflammatory
SESAME OIL | regeneration of the lipid barrier, improvement of the microcirculation of the skin
SHEA BUTTER | refatting, calming, strengthening of the lipid layer 
AVOCADO OIL | stimulates cell regeneration, protective 
VEGETABLE WAXES | protective, refatting
SEA-BUCKTHORN | soothing, skin-protecting, regenerating
ROSE HIP | soothing, regenerating
ROSEMARY EXTRACT | antioxidative