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Climate and CO²-neutral shipping

In view of the dwindling resources worldwide, the call for environmental responsibility is increasingly entering every area of life. For us, sustainability reflects an awareness of the rare and finite, which is inevitably associated with a responsible approach to nature and its resources. In order to act in a truly sustainable manner, processes and procedures must be continuously optimised, taking into account all influencing factors such as emissions, respect for biodiversity, fauna, resource consumption, employees, etc.

This is why, since 1 July, all our parcels have been sent in a CO²-neutral way.

This means that the climate impact of our shipments is offset by supporting various climate protection projects, such as reforestation. Many of these projects go beyond the avoidance of carbon emissions and support additional sources of income for communities, improving health and protecting biodiversity. Our shipping partner is certified by The Carbon Neutral Company.

In addition, we support factories in the countries of origin by promoting educational institutions (Myanmar) and by increasing wages in the hiring of women (Morocco) to ensure their financial independence.

It is time to give something back to our planet and its people.