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For us, quality is an attitude that does not allow any compromises. It goes hand in hand with an awareness of the rare and finite, which is inevitably linked to a responsible approach to nature.

For us, quality means exquisite raw materials, sustainable and organic cultivation, the advantage of wild growth collections, a profound appreciation of the ingenuity of plants, and finally happy and healthy skin.



The interdependence of economy and ecology is becoming increasingly important when it comes to creating the kind of future we want to live in. Working at the interface between the two disciplines, we have been mastering our craft for almost 40 years now.


  • We procure our plant ingredients from where they are native and prefer wild growth collections and freely grown plants, as these have an immense concentration of active ingredients and thus offer the skin a diverse spectrum of effects
  • Our packaging consists mainly of glass, wood, HDPE and recycled plastic produced with solar energy
  • Our cardboard boxes are primarily printed in Italy on FSC-certified paper
  • We obtain our cardboard packaging from the surrounding area. These are naturally recyclable
  • We are strictly against animal testing and do not support it in any kind. Our products are not available in any country that requires animal testing
  • We do not use synthetic fragrances and dyes, kinds of paraffin, parabens or silicones for our products
  • Our packaging material consists exclusively of paper, even the glue to close the boxes is made of potato starch
  • Our products are packed with valuable ingredients for healthy and beautiful skin
As certified organic natural cosmetics, we are always subject to strict quality control and are committed to an environmentally friendly production and manufacturing process.


  • The ICEA seal for cosmetics has the international accreditation of the IOAS (International Organic Accreditation Service) and therefore meets the most important European criteria for organic cosmetics.
  • Together with partners such as EcoCert, BDIH, Bodenverband, and CosmeBio, ICEA has created the COSMOS brand – the first international standard for natural and organic cosmetics.
  • Furthermore, ICEA, in collaboration with LAV (Lega Anti Vivisection), controls those companies that have chosen to use CRUELTY-FREE raw materials (raw materials not tested on animals).
  • ICEA is an independent control and certification system with international accreditations, which publishes the rules, the lists of certified companies and products (including ingredients) and provides answers to the questions of consumers

Die Produkte mit dem ICEA Zertifikat garantieren

  • Formulierungen, die aus Inhaltsstoffen natürlichen Ursprungs bestehen, die nach den Kriterien der Umweltverträglichkeit und Gesundheit ausgewählt wurden
  • Tenside, Funktionsprinzipien und Pflanzenextrakten aus biologischem Anbau, die nach den wichtigsten internationalen Vorschriften zertifiziert sind
  • Obligatorische Tests am Fertigprodukt zur Vermeidung unerwünschter Reaktionen
  • Wahrheitsgemäße Bezeichnungen und Behauptungen, die durch zuverlässige wissenschaftliche Tests oder Bibliographie unterstützt werden

FSC Certificate


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organization. It is a system for the certification of forestry to guarantee the sustainable use of forests: this includes the preservation and improvement of the economic, ecological and social functions of forest enterprises.


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