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The right skincare when traveling

Our skin is a sensitive organism that, when traveling, must continuously adapt to the climate, humidity, and environment. So that not only we but also our skin has a pleasant time, we should support it with the right skincare.


Skincare before departure

The different conditions along the way to the destination must be taken into consideration to prepare the skin optimally for changes. These include, in particular, the air conditioning and low humidity on board an aircraft, as well as the possible transition to another climatic zone after landing.

Before the flight, you should make sure that you drink enough liquid. Avoid drinks containing alcohol and caffeine. To let the pores breathe, it is best to avoid using make-up.

A few days before departure, we recommend a deep cleansing of the skin to remove dead skin cells and impurities. A gentle peeling treatment with our Exfoliating Facial Scrub for normal skin, our Gentle Clarifying Enzyme Peel for sensitive skin, or our Fruit Acid Peel for demanding skin is suitable for this purpose. These can stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process and help it to absorb moisture.


Extra care

To prepare the skin optimally before take-off, an intensive face mask can work wonders. It should be as rich as possible in antioxidants to support the skin in its fight against free radicals. Our Intense Moisturizing Mask with biotechnological hyaluronic acid and plant-based functional ingredients provides intensive moisture and makes the skin feel soft and smooth. This intensive treatment for dry and dehydrated facial skin supports the skin’s moisture depot and increases its resistance.

During the flight

The stay in an airplane is really not a beauty treatment for our skin. In an airplane, the outdoor temperature at normal flying altitude is about minus 52°C. Although the air conditioning system in the aircraft ensures pleasant temperatures onboard, the humidity is usually only between 5 and 16%. To make our skin feel comfortable, it needs an air humidity between 40 and 60%. As a result of the dry air, our skin finally releases more moisture through the skin barrier and begins to tighten. The protective hydro-lipid layer (acid barrier) is disturbed, and the skin surface becomes more sensitive and more susceptible to bacteria due to the loss of moisture.

For this reason, it is essential for every skin type to ensure a sufficient supply of moisture to support the skin’s barrier function. Our toners, which moisturize and revitalize the skin surface, provide the ideal solution. Simply spray gently over the face several times a day as needed, keeping the eyes closed. This helps to reduce redness and dry areas.

For particularly dry and stressed skin, we recommend mixing a few drops of our Age Repair Miracle Drops with your favorite moisturizing cream or a moisturizing serum to keep the skin smooth and nourished.

Given that the body can lose up to 1.5 liters of water during a three-hour flight, in addition to external treatment with the right care products, internal hydration is essential: water consumption should definitely be increased while traveling.



Age Repair Miracle Drops05 Highly concentrated, firming facial oil

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Daily Moisturizing Cream02 Moisturizing face cream

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Ultra Hydration Serum02 Moisturising power serum

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Oily and impure skin

If your skin tends to produce more oil (sebum) on travel, this is because it tries to counteract the drying conditions in an airplane. Here we recommend using cleansing products that have a balancing and moisturizing effect and help the skin rebalance itself.

Our Deep Purifying Toner with clarifying and soothing functional ingredients effectively frees the skin from impurities, dirt and oil. Following this, the Deep Purifying Serum can be tapped into the skin. The Power Serum supports the natural skin cleansing and deeply purifies. Its biotechnological hyaluronic acid also provides the skin with intensive moisture. Aloe Vera and comfrey calm the already stressed skin.

If your skin tends to impurities and clogging, you should avoid the use of make-up or definitely use products that are not comedogenic.


At the destination

Most likely, your skin will face climatic changes on arrival. After a long flight, it is recommended that you thoroughly cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin. Use your usual skin type-specific cleansing and care products for this purpose.


The right care for hot and humid climate zones

For warmer climates, gel-based cleansers are suitable, as the skin produces more lipids at warm temperatures. These protect it from the sun and prevent moisture loss, but also make your skin look more oily. The particular combination of valuable plant extracts in our Purifying Cleansing Gel respects the skin’s natural balance and ensures a clear and deeply cleansed skin.

A facial tonic that is suitable for all skin types is the Gentle Balancing Toner. It thoroughly frees the skin from dirt, moisturizes and soothes. After toning, the skin is optimally prepared for the following moisturizing treatment.

A serum is a light alternative to a cream and intensively supplies the skin with sufficient moisture and nutrients. The Ultra Hydration Serum strengthens the skin’s barrier, increases its resistance and provides intensive moisture.



Ultra Hydration Serum02 Moisturising power serum

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Gentle Balancing Toner00 Balancing toner

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Recommendations for any climate

When spending time outdoors, the regular application of sunscreen is essential to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. Our High Protection Sun Cream with Sun Protection Factor 30 provides intensive sun protection under all weather conditions and a moisturizing effect. So you can enjoy your time outdoors wherever you are.

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