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Wondering which product to apply first?

A simple rule of thumb is to apply products from the lightest to the richest texture, or start with the liquid products and finish with your cream. Also, use the products with the ingredients that are most important to penetrate the skin first (like antioxidants in serums) and finish with the products that offer protection to the skin. Sunscreen always comes last, and the only thing you should layer on top of sunscreen is powder, concealer or foundation.

/ STEP 1


FUNCTION: Your skin is freed from dirt or make-up and ideally prepared for further care steps, while the skin’s natural hydrolipid mantle is preserved.

RESULT: Your skin is gently and thoroughly cleaned and freed of decorative cosmetics.

/ STEP 2


FUNCTION: Washing with water is not enough to completely cleanse your skin. The detergent surfactants contained in the cleansing milk and cleansing gel cleanse excess oil and grease as well as any impurities. The skin can now better absorb subsequent products, so that these can in turn develop their effect more intensively.

RESULT: Your skin feels firmer and smoother. The cleansing milk/cleansing gel leaves a soft and pleasant feeling without drying out the skin.

/ STEP 3


FUNCTION: As a complement to cleansing and revitalising the facial skin. The toner moisturizes, renews and revitalizes the skin surface immediately after cleansing. Redness is soothed and dry areas are reduced. Subsequent care products can be better absorbed.

RESULT: Your skin feels smoother and looks more vital and youthful. Redness is visibly improved and pores are refined. Your complexion appears more even, your skin is soothed and balanced.

Neroli Flower Toner Vitalizing and refreshing


€186.67 / 1 l

Gentle Rose Toner Calming and balancing


€180.00 / 1 l

/ STEP 4


FUNCTION: Environmental influences damage the surface of our skin. Peelings can counteract these stresses by freeing blocked pores and allowing the skin to breathe again. The horny lamellae are gently removed and the skin appears wonderfully fresh.

RESULT: Pores are freed, your skin appears finer, purer and feels smoother, firmer and noticeably renewed. Wrinkles can be softened.

/ STEP 5


FUNCTION: The mask’s high concentration of active ingredients already contributes significantly to improving the skin’s appearance after the first application.

RESULT: Due to their high concentration of active ingredients, masks act like an intensive treatment for the skin and ensure a relaxed and gentle skin feeling.

/ STEP 6


FUNCTION: The serum is characterized by a high concentration of active ingredients and a light texture, making it ideally absorbed by the skin.

RESULT: The modelling and firming immediate effect reduces wrinkles. The skin feels firmer and shines with youthful freshness.

/ STEP 7


FUNCTION: Due to its similarity to the skin’s own lipids, the facial oil can be optimally absorbed by the skin and transport selective active ingredients into deeper skin layers.

RESULT: For visibly smoother skin and a natural glow.

/ STEP 8


FUNCTION: The cream provides your skin with important active ingredients and, with its antioxidants, also forms a valuable protection against environmental influences.

RESULT: Your skin feels radiantly beautiful, fresh, healthy and vital.

/ STEP 9


FUNCTION: In certain situations, our skin requires increased attention and care. The broadband photoprotector of our sun cream provides intensive sun protection and a plus of moisture. The rich Climate Defence Rich Cream offers optimum protection against wind and weather and improves the skin’s resistance to external stress factors in the long term. For extra care and protection.

RESULT: The skin is efficiently protected against climatic conditions. Irritations, pigmentation and skin aging are gently prevented.

/ STEP 10



FUNCTION: The particularly sensitive eye area requires moisturizing products with highly efficient active ingredients. Provide your lip area with moisturizing care to prevent it from becoming dry, rough and chapped.

RESULT: For a pleasant soothing effect. Wrinkles can be softened, contours tightened. The sensitive eye area is intensively cared for and moisturized. Your lip area feels noticeably softer, small wrinkles and lines can be reduced and contours tightened. Your lips are now ready for kissing.


We wish you much pleasure in your daily care routine.
10 steps for flawless skin health.