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Zero Waste Kosmetik
Zero Waste Kosmetik

Inspired by quiet moments of care, our Earth First Zero Waste Cubes are a sustainable composition of form and function, handmade in South Tyrol from the finest natural ingredients. A small cube that cares for your skin and is kind to the planet.

0% plastic. 100% sustainable. 100% skin health.


[500 ml shampoo = 1 cube]

Rich in valuable oils and natural active ingredients, our Cubes are produced without the classic saponification process. They are based on detergent surfactants of natural origin and ensure velvety soft clean skin and hair.

Zero Waste Kosmetik ohne Plastik
Zero Waste Kosmetik ohne Plastik

100% soap-free
Premium Body Care

Certified Natural

Certified Natural Cosmetics
vegan, cruelty-free

Hand Made

Hand Made
in South Tyrol

Zero Waste

Zero Waste
100% sustainable

White Pearl Zero Waste Hand Wash, 60g


€233.33 / 1 kg

Green Grace Zero Waste Body Wash, 60g


€266.67 / 1 kg

Radiant Rose Zero Waste Shampoo + Conditioner, 60g


€300.00 / 1 kg


Soap free


Moisten the cube in your hands and foam it up by rubbing your hands together. Rinse with water.

Body Wash


Foam up the cube in your hands or directly on your body. Massage onto wet skin all over the body, then rinse thoroughly.

Hair Wash


Wet hair as usual. Foam up the cube in your hands or directly on the hairline or scalp. Work in circular motions to create a gentle lather. Set the cube aside and gently massage the scalp with your fingers. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Zero Waste Kosmetik für die Hotelbranche

Earth First
Zero Waste
Hotel Amenities

The hotel industry offers an enormous opportunity to make a real impact on single-use plastics’ consumption. That’s why our Cubes are also available as room ware. 0% plastic. 100% sustainable.

Because great personal care does not have to come at the expense of the environment.

Zero Waste Kosmetik für die Hotelbranche


Do your want to be part of our Earth First Zero Waste Hotel revolution?
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Team Dr Joseph

Our first Zero Waste amenities
for your hotel


Our aim is uncompromising product quality, produced locally, coupled with a genuinely sustainable approach that can be fulfilled and purchased at a fair price.

Be different to make a difference.