It is one of our key concerns to capture the diversity and creativity as gently as possible. The Herbary plays an important role in this; it documents and illustrates the plant kingdom and in so doing it illustrates the beauty of nature in a particularly fine, artistic, and scientific manner. Learning from nature means learning something new every day. The secret to our development work is not only curiosity, but fascination as well. If you deal with plants every day, you will be quickly humbled by their structure, soul, and active substances. Even the most expensive laboratory in the world cannot keep up with the intelligence of a plant. There is always a touch of awe in the air when we work with nature.

Over the years, we have cultivated a selection of the finest and most precious plants in our herbarium, so that you can also get a glimpse into the archives of our greatest role model: Mother Nature.

To appreciate this fascinating world, you will find these archived plants playing a role on the TEAM, undistorted, in their original size, as part of our high-tech line of natural cosmetics.