Ethics Code

Our Mission

CUSTOMERS / We offer our customers a unique combination of high-quality natural cosmetics, developed on the basis of sound expertise, made from the best raw materials with the most modern means of production and packaged in attractive, sustainable design. Through the competent advice and personal care of our employees, we always let our customers share in the specialness of our philosophy.

EMPLOYEES / In the midst of nature, we offer our employees an exciting working environment in an up-and-coming, internationally oriented family business. Flat hierarchies and individual freedom create a positive working atmosphere in which everyone can contribute, develop and thus contribute to the long-term success of the company.

SUPPLIERS / We maintain a long-term relationship of trust with our partners and suppliers. Excellent partners are crucial in order to meet our high quality standards.

SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT / Sustainable thinking and environmental awareness are deeply rooted in our corporate orientation. We are aware of our social and ecological responsibility as a company and take this responsibility with pleasure. We have strong regional roots and make long-term investments in our main site in Bruneck / South Tyrol.

Our Vision

We embody the concept of high-tech natural cosmetics for selected premium hotels and beauty institutes, niche retailers and the D2C online market in Europe and the rest of the world. In our niche, we want to create an authentic brand that sets standards and inspires our community with selected products from our own production and exceptional services via online and offline channels. Our goal as a family business is to grow sustainably, with acceptable risk for future generations. We want to create an agile working environment where the entire team is always aware of its social, ethical and environmental responsibilities.

Our Values

Team / I show consideration for others and accept other opinions. I am always helpful and put the team success in the foreground.

Respect / I actively listen and communicate in a sincere and appreciative manner. I treat others as I would like to be treated.

Enthusiasm / I come to work with a positive attitude. I actively contribute and enjoy what I do.

Natureness / I respect nature and use its resources responsibly. I understand nature as a central component of our corporate philosophy.


With this Code of Ethics, Vitalis Dr. Joseph GmbH sends a signal to its employees and interested parties for the realization of ethical principles and rules of conduct in dealing with each other – as a fundamental part of daily activities.


This Code of Ethics is intended to accompany the positive development of Vitalis Dr. Joseph GmbH and contribute to achieving its goals. These include employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, consistency and security of supply, compliance with the guidelines for the production and distribution of high-quality natural cosmetics, loyal and lawful management, conservation of natural resources and consideration of the needs of all stakeholders and shareholders.


This Code of Ethics was adopted by the Board of Directors and confirmed by the shareholders of Vitalis Dr. Joseph GmbH. The Code shall be an integral part of all contractual relationships of Vitalis Dr. Joseph GmbH and is thus binding on all stakeholders and shareholders, i.e. shareholders, administrators and officers, employees, suppliers, customers and other contractual partners. Contractual relationships with persons and entities that disregard these rules will be interrupted or not entered into. Compliance with national and international laws, principles and the ethical rules of conduct described herein is a prerequisite for entering into a legal relationship with Vitalis Dr. Joseph GmbH.


The Board of Directors of Vitalis Dr. Joseph GmbH undertakes to periodically review the completeness, adequacy and timeliness of this Code of Ethics and to amend it if necessary. In order to ensure this and to promote the positive development of Vitalis Dr. Joseph GmbH, the Board of Directors has decided to introduce, maintain, improve and further develop an organizational model in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree (GvD) 231/2001.


The Code of Ethics has been published and made available to all interested parties through:

Publication in the company
Publication on the company’s website
Own training of the employees and administrators

General values

All persons affected by this Code of Ethics are required to adhere to the following core values:

  • Good Behavior
  • Respect for the person
  • Avoidance of conflicts of interest
  • Correct conduct
  • Diligence and zeal
  • Ethical action
  • Justice
  • Impartiality
  • Honesty
  • Compliance with applicable laws
  • Responsibility to the company
  • Protection and confidentiality of data
  • Transparency
  • Protection of the environment and sustainable development
  • Promotion of the circular economy
  • Climate neutrality
  • Continuous reduction of the CO2 footprint
  • Proper competition

These principles are elementary components of any contractual relationship. Any form of non-compliance results in a responsibility to the company and is punished with appropriate sanctions.

In order to achieve its objectives, the company takes various measures, such as constant control of compliance with the law, training and awareness of employees, continuous improvement of the working environment.


Employees are an essential element for the existence and further development of the company. The commitment and professionalism of employees, mutual respect in the team, consideration and team success are core corporate values.

The company is committed to equal treatment of all its employees. Everyone is entitled to the same opportunities and rights, regardless of gender, ethnicity, mother tongue, personal and social circumstances, religious, sexual or political orientation.

A zero tolerance policy applies to any type or form of discrimination, whether based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, native language, personal and social circumstances, religious or political beliefs. The Board of Directors is committed to taking seriously and thoroughly investigating any suspicion of discrimination. Regardless of the outcome of these investigations or the resulting organizational or legal consequences, the Board of Directors is committed to protecting individuals within the company who have experienced discrimination in the workplace, as well as those individuals who actively contribute to the investigation.

The Company is committed to promoting fair and respectful interactions among employees. Everyone has the right to be treated respectfully and courteously. Bullying, regardless of form, will not be tolerated and will be punished with the given sanctions. Cooperation at eye level within the team, mutual consideration and acceptance of different opinions, views and lifestyles are central values in the management of the company and in the interaction of all employees.

The company is committed to performance-related pay, job security, and work-life balance.

The company is committed to the continuous development of the personal and individual competencies of its employees. Everyone should be enabled to realize their own enthusiasm, talents and competencies. Continuous education and targeted training shall give employees the opportunity for personal and professional development and provide them with tools to participate and contribute to the active and positive shaping of the company. Employees shall be given the opportunity to contribute their ideas and skills and to realize long-term planning of their lives.


The company is committed to protecting health and integrity in the workplace. In addition to compliance with applicable occupational health and safety standards, which are also mandatory for all employees, voluntary and appropriate measures are taken to promote individual health. Employees are provided with a healthy work environment.

Compliance is ensured through the continuous establishment, implementation and improvement of the following prerequisites (hierarchy of protective measures):

substitutional prerequisites (avoidance)
technical prerequisites (protective devices)
organizational prerequisites (working hours)
personal prerequisites (PPE – personal protective equipment)

The company undertakes to involve its employees more closely in safety matters and to promote open communication. Every employee has the duty to immediately report violations of the standards and laws to the supervisor or the person in charge.

All employees are invited to travel to work in an environmentally friendly manner, taking into account the needs and requirements of each individual. If possible, the commute to work should be made on foot, by bicycle, by public transport or by carpooling. The management undertakes its own measures to promote environmentally friendly mobility.

The company does not tolerate any form of sexual, psychological or physical violence, such as:

granting benefits in or outside the workplace in return for sexual acts;
suggesting extra-occupational meetings or the like that may harm the privacy of the person concerned;
any undesirable behavior that degrades the dignity of other employees or restricts their freedom by leading to intimidation or other consequences.

The Board of Directors is committed to a zero-tolerance policy toward any form of psychological or physical violence. In particular – but not only – in cases of sexual violence, the Company commits to protect those who have experienced the violence from further assault and to provide them with the necessary support.

It is the task and duty of all supervisors to promote a pleasant and positive working environment by setting a good example and demonstrating correct and responsible behavior. In the company is committed to the feedback culture in which all employees work in mutual trust. Employees have the right to receive open and honest feedback for their performance.

Bullying, regardless of its form or nature, will not be tolerated. Supervisors and management are committed to intervening immediately to stop this form of psychological violence in the workplace or between team members.


All employees have the possibility to report violations of this Code of Ethics to their respective supervisor or to the management. Those who make use of this possibility have the right to confidentiality of the report, as well as protection against reprisals and other disadvantages.

Employees have the right to freely organize themselves into a trade union or exercise trade union rights in any other form at their own will.

All employees are required to comply with this Code of Ethics and to be aware of all work procedures pertaining to their respective jobs. Each employee is invited to advocate compliance with this Code of Ethics to his or her work colleagues.

This Code of Ethics, including the principle of equal treatment and the prohibition of discrimination, also applies to the employer when selecting, hiring and promoting employees. When selecting new employees, the decisive criteria are the individual’s skills, willingness and enthusiasm to contribute to the company’s development, and physical and professional suitability. The employer is not permitted to misuse the hiring or promotion of employees as a means of pursuing illegal goals, such as granting benefits that are not owed.

Products and product development

The development and production of new cosmetic products is our core activity. The ingredients are primarily of natural origin and are selected according to the criteria of ecological footprint and skin compatibility (also in their synergy). Only approved cosmetic raw materials are used in the respective approved concentration. Any risks of use must be communicated clearly, transparently and in understandable language. To this end, raw materials suspected of causing undesirable reactions are avoided as far as possible.

The company is committed to honesty and transparency in communication. With regard to the effects of the application, no claims may be made that have not been adequately substantiated. In the communication of ingredients, no descriptions and formulations may be used that are misleading or otherwise incorrect and non-transparent.

The central value of product development is “diversity”. Our concern is to develop the most suitable and best possible products for different skin needs.


In the relationship with our customers, we are committed to loyalty, transparency, efficiency and compliance with this Code of Ethics.

The internally assigned persons must always behave correctly towards the contractual partners, regardless of the economic importance of the respective contractual relationship.

The company is committed to the continuous improvement of quality and, consequently, to the continuous increase of customer satisfaction. A relationship of trust is to be established with the customers, which thus promotes longer-term partnerships. Therefore, we are committed to the best possible delivery reliability and punctuality, accurate and timely implementation of the terms of the contract, as well as product safety. Every customer relationship must be based on a contract concluded in advance, as well as transparent communication and information.

If these fundamental values are disregarded or if there is a reasonable suspicion of a criminal offense, which is mentioned in GvD 231/2001, or if there is even a judgment to that effect – even if not legally binding – the corresponding customer relationships are subject to a more detailed assessment. Possible damages of any kind for the company are to be avoided.

The company condemns any form of distortion of competition and, in general, any improper conduct aimed at disrupting free competition.

No benefits or gifts of not insignificant value may be provided to customers or potential customers if an illegal objective could be pursued thereby, e.g. illegal influencing of customer decisions.


Transparency along the supply chain is a prerequisite for the implementation of the standards described here. The origin and processing of the products and raw materials must be clearly and truthfully evident. The company undertakes not to purchase any products or raw materials that originate from dubious sources (e.g. overexploitation) or that have been obtained by exploiting people or nature, or that originate from child labor.

Legal environmental standards and fair working conditions must be guaranteed along the supply chain. Therefore, the company makes sure to purchase mainly products of certified origin and pays attention to fair trade or organic certifications, among others, and demands these proofs from its suppliers. To protect the environment, products and raw materials should have the shortest possible delivery route.

The company undertakes to avoid dependency relationships with suppliers and to respect fair competition. The company is committed to transparency and loyalty towards its suppliers.

Relations with suppliers are based on a legally valid contract. The company is committed to the accurate and timely implementation of contractual obligations and compliance with applicable legal standards.

Any contractual relationship with suppliers is subject to compliance with this Code of Ethics. If these fundamental values are disregarded or if there is a reasonable suspicion of a criminal offense mentioned in GvD 231/2001, or even if there is a judgment to that effect – even if not legally binding – the corresponding customer relationships will be subject to a more detailed assessment. Possible damage of any kind to the company must be avoided.

Gifts and gratuities

Employees are prohibited from accepting gifts of anything other than nominal value. The employee shall inform the respective supervisor if such a gift is offered to him/her.

Employees are prohibited from offering or granting gifts or other benefits of a value exceeding €150 to customers, suppliers, public administration employees and other third parties. In any case, employees are prohibited from offering or granting gifts or other benefits if this is not in accordance with common practice or if they may have the purpose of influencing the free decision of the other person. This does not include product samples and other sales promotion benefits that are permitted by management and recorded appropriately in the accounting records.

In any case, it is prohibited to:

Promise or give gifts or other benefits of no small value to customers, suppliers or other interested parties or their family members;
To propose to such persons, in any form whatsoever, the possibility of employment or a contractual relationship in order to pursue a personal interest;
To influence the free choice of such persons by gifts or other benefits;
To induce such persons, by promises or benefits, to refrain from or to perform certain acts contrary to the contractual and legal obligations of those persons.

In countries where the giving of gifts is normal commercial practice, such gifts must be reasonable and not in violation of local law.


As a family business, long-term corporate planning is important for securing the company and its jobs. The company should be the space in which the family can develop its ideas. Not the profit is the core of the decisions, but the safeguarding of the company as well as the income of the owner family and the employees. Together with the employees, the values should be lived and created, which can be passed on to future generations within the family.

The development and production of natural cosmetics is the core activity, which is in line with the core values of the company.

The Board of Directors is committed to managing the company to the best of its ability and not to place it in a relationship of dependence with customers, suppliers, banks or employees.

Proper management

Every employee is obliged to keep documents in such a way that they are retrievable and organized according to logical criteria.

The Board of Directors is obliged to conduct each business case and transaction in a legally correct, transparent, audited and documented manner and to fulfill the company’s corporate purpose in accordance with the applicable version of the Articles of Association, thus ensuring the protection of shareholders’ property claims and participation rights.

It is not allowed to influence shareholders in order to bring about changes in resolutions or proposals.

The Board of Directors and the shareholders undertake to prepare the financial statements and reports in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and vouch for their truthfulness.

All members of the company have the obligation to be available for possible inspections and to grant the supervisory bodies access to all areas of the company.

The Company undertakes to comply with fair competition rules in all business transactions.

Relations with the Public Administration

The Company has designated persons who are permitted to contact the Public Administration, to perform actions or business transactions, to submit applications or to maintain other relations. All persons who are not expressly permitted to do so are prohibited from acting on behalf of the Company.

The company condemns any action that could be interpreted as an attempt to illegally influence decisions of the public administration – for the satisfaction of its own interests or the interests of the company.

The Company undertakes not to give or promise gifts or other benefits not owed to public officials or their families, whether domestic or foreign, in order to protect or promote the interests of the Company. This prohibition is absolute and also applies in those areas and countries where the giving of gifts to public officials or their families is the subject of normal commercial practice.

The Company undertakes to use contributions or other public funding of any kind exclusively for the purpose for which they are intended.

Employees are required to inform the Company immediately if they have been requested by the judicial authorities to make statements in a criminal proceeding involving the business. All Company positions are strictly prohibited from inducing any person to make a false statement, conceal certain facts or fail to make a statement.

Conflicts of interest

All interested parties are required to avoid situations or actions that may cause a real or potential conflict of interest between private interests and those of the Company or otherwise affect its ability to make decisions in the best interests of the Company.

Administrators and employees are required to be transparent. Any potential conflict of interest must be immediately disclosed in writing to the respective supervisors and, at the same time, any action or decision in which the conflict of interest may manifest itself must be refrained from. The persons concerned must respect the decisions of the company.


The company’s activities have a positive and negative impact on the environment. We are therefore committed to the careful use of natural resources and sensitize all our shareholders to this.

As a company, we are committed to the circular economy. We are committed to designing products and packaging in such a way that waste is avoided as far as possible, raw materials are recycled, and the carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. Mainly recyclable recyclables or materials of certified origin (e.g. FSC) are used for product packaging.

The company undertakes to treat environmentally relevant information transparently and to make it available to interested parties on a regular basis.

The company is committed to the use of environmentally friendly resources and to strict waste separation. Employees are made aware of correct waste separation and compliance is monitored.

The Board of Directors is committed to the periodic survey of positive and negative environmental impacts from operations, as well as the definition and implementation of appropriate measures to improve environmental performance. Internal processes are reviewed at regular intervals in order to achieve continuous optimization in terms of environmental protection.

Social responsibility and responsibility for the environment are fundamental principles for the strategic orientation of the company and are to be observed in every decision-making process.

Sanctioning of violations

Any violation or attempted violation of this Code of Ethics or applicable laws and standards by Company employees will be investigated and appropriately sanctioned. Contractors who grossly violate this Code of Ethics will be subject to the penalties provided for. These penalties shall not be subject to negotiation.


Released by the Board of Directors on 23/09/2021