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Quality of Touch – Rediscovering tactility

We touch the world, we feel its objects, but these sensations disappear all too quickly, leaving behind fleeting impressions. Our sense of touch is characteristic, and yet we know very little about it.

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Digital Aging | Why Blue Light harms our skin

Smartphones, PCs and LED lights bombard our skin day after day with HEV (High Energy Visible), the so-called Blue Light. This is a significant cause of skin damage and premature skin aging. Our broadband sun protection covers the entire light spectrum and offers reliable protection against Blue Light.

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After Sun Care

No matter how well you protect your skin, no suncream can provide 100% protection against UV rays. That is why skincare after sunbathing is just as important as sun protection.

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A sensitive topic: The right care for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin not only reacts to external influences but also lifestyle and wrong care habits can further increase this tendency. We will show you how you can strengthen your skin barrier in the long term and prevent excessive reactions.

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Here Comes the Sun | Sun protection for healthy skin

Our body needs the sun's high-energy UV light to produce healthy vitamin D. Find out how you can prevent skin damage and still enjoy the benefits of the warming light.

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Dr. Joseph on Sustainable Thinking and Action

A conversation with our founder Dr. Joseph about his entrepreneurial idea and why the contradiction between economy and ecology is a big misunderstanding.

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How to take care of your skin during Corona

The coronavirus turns life upside down. Increased hand hygiene and stress are a challenge to previous beauty routines and skin care. We will show you how to care for your skin properly in these times.

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The right care for men

Daily skincare for men should be as simple, fast and effective as possible. However, men's skin also shows partly the same problems like women's skin. We show you how to care for your skin correctly with the best products.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Finding that special gift for this unique person can be difficult. There are so many reasons why our mothers deserve only the best. That's why we have put together a list of our favorite gift ideas for you.

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A strong immune system

A healthy, well-trained immune system is the essence of our defense. Here you will find some tips from Dr. Joseph on how to support your immune system in the best possible way and on what you should pay particular attention to in your nutrition.

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Your Skin on the Road

Our skin is a sensitive organism that reacts particularly sensitively to changes. When traveling, it has to constantly adapt to the new climate, humidity and the environment. We will show you how to care for your skin properly while traveling.

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7 steps to the perfect home spa

We all know how important good skin care is. That is why we should take the time to pamper ourselves at regular intervals. These 7 steps will let you dive into your perfect home spa.

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Seed Your Future

Far too seldom does one realize that insects in particular not only represent an extraordinary diversity and unique biological wealth, but also provide for biodiversity and thus the stability of the Earth system.

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The ultimate Peeling-Guide

Our uppermost skin layer has a cycle of 28 days. That means it renews itself approximately every 28 days. This natural process of cell renewal can be additionally supported by regular exfoliation treatments.

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Why you should spend more time in the garden

Outdoor life is in the nature of man. Yet plants have always had a great influence on our well-being. We dig in the earth, plant seeds, weed, water. When we garden, everyday stress disappears and we arrive at the here and now.

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Winter is Coming

Do you know that when your skin stretches in winter? When you have the feeling that no cream, however rich, can give it what it needs? Click here for the ultimate winter beauty regime.

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Ultra Hydration Serum

The highly effective intensive serum for a plus in moisture with deep-acting active ingredient complexes and herbal active ingredients is our product of the month.

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Fragrances | Magic of the Unseen

It is not only the oldest of all senses but also the most immediate: the sense of smell. Long before the first creatures could see or hear, they used their sense of smell to orient themselves in the darkness of the oceans.

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Face Oils | Why you should start now

With increasing age, our skin gradually loses its ability to produce oil. Vegetable oils are not only an optimal skin nourishment, but can also transport selective active ingredients into deeper skin layers due to the natural lipid content of the skin.