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A strong immune system

Each year we are visited by different, often similarly constructed flu viruses, for which our immune system has to come up with a defense strategy. Dr Joseph provides tips on how to strengthen and support your immune system.

Viruses are smart, but our defense system is usually smarter. Viruses are quite sensitive to temperature. That is why the body produces high fever. Therefore, a healthy, well-trained defense system is the key to our defense. And correct behavior minimizes the risk of infection – quite clearly.


It is entirely in our hands to behave carefully

Often, the transmission path from the virus to the host is through our own careless behavior. Our hands come into contact with infected everyday objects and as soon as we touch our noses, lips, eyes or intimate areas, we ensure the spread of the tiny pathogens. Therefore, appropriate hygiene measures are of indispensable importance.

But hygiene does not mean that all bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. should be killed by excessive hygiene measures – quite the opposite: We should take care to strengthen our little helpers, our body’s own microbiome, our physiological germs of the skin and mucous membranes, our so-called friends, so that pathogenic germs have no chance to settle in our body or even spread. Ideally, this space is already inhabited by our friends! Accordingly, there is no more room for pathogenic germs and viruses from outside to lodge there.

However, should pathogenic germs manage to attack our cells, our immune system is ready to make it not too easy for the “cheeky intruders”. The environment, the terrain, where bacteria, viruses, fungi (our friends or enemies) feel comfortable, has to be well cared for by us, so that the immune system gets a good training to be strong in case of need.

Bewegung Gesundheit Sport
Ernährung gesund Immunsystem

Here are some basic considerations:

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly (!) with warm water and soap.
  • Avoid crowded areas and people with acute respiratory diseases.
  • DO NOT wipe your nose, mouth, eyes with your hands, especially during and after being in crowded places.
  • Cough and sneeze respectfully and protected in a tissue or paper towel (scented with 3-4 drops of essential oils, such as thyme, ravintsara, lemon, niaouli (!), lemon eucalyptus, etc.).
  • Please do not consume antibiotics or other medications “as a preventative measure” without first consulting your doctor.

*Important for your information: This information does not replace a visit by a doctor or approved therapist, who should always be consulted for clarification and therapy!


Physical activity and sports, as well as positive thinking, boost our immune system. Allow yourself some rest in between with a hot-water bottle, a delicious tea and a good book.



  • Change your diet for a few months to nutritious, light and healthy food. This should include: lots of fiber, freshly prepared foods, plenty of “antibiotic” cabbage vegetables, mustard, horseradish, as well as fermented vegetables and spices such as ginger, turmeric, pepper, peperoncino, etc.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of dairy products, as they can aggravate the respiratory tract.
  • Reduce the consumption of sugar, meat and industrial products to a minimum.
  • Drink still water and herbal teas: lemon balm, rosehip or rockrose.
  • Natural vitamin C, e.g., from sea buckthorn juice (without sugar), provides a natural vitamin C prophylaxis.
  • Zinc preparations, D3 with high bioavailability and Echinacea preparations can complement the “defense reinforcement”. (Less is more – be sure to consult a competent therapist, because the immune system should not be overstimulated.)
  • Rosehip supports people with a compromised immune system.
  • High-quality black cumin oil is an excellent supporter for an effective immune system.
  • Supplement your diet with “antibiotic” bulbiferous plants (leeks, garlic, onion), omega-3 oils, vitamin D3, fine nuts, seeds and sprouted grains.



  • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol.
  • The most important thing is to do something good for yourself and your loved ones – enjoy life!
  • Keep moving and give your body a restful sleep.
  • Your immune system will thank you with a smile!

Dr. Joseph Franz



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