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Perfectly cared skin in winter

The harsh climate, extreme temperature fluctuations and dry heating air truly stress the skin in winter. They tend to deprive our skin of its natural oils, making it drier, more stressed and more vulnerable.

Do you know that feeling when your skin is taut in winter? When you feel that no cream, no matter how rich, can provide it with what it actually needs? But it’s not just the cold, icy air that affects our skin in winter. The artificial heat in our homes and hot showers also literally dry out our skin. The irritated, dry and itchy feeling expresses itself not only externally, but also internally; we sometimes react more sensitive and irritated.


Our skin barrier as the best protection in winter

The basis of healthy skin is an intact skin barrier. The skin barrier as our uppermost skin layer fulfills two essential functions: on the one hand, it acts as a protective barrier against harmful environmental influences from the outside, and on the other hand, it prevents moisture loss from the inside. These two functions are essential, especially in winter, to avoid rough hands, dry lips, skin irritation and reddening.


How do I protect my skin barrier?

Avoid paraffin-containing and aggressive care products, as well as mineral oils, silicones and artificial emulsifiers. Artificial emulsifiers can dissolve the skin’s natural lipid layer so that the skin lipids combine with the water during the next cleansing with the emulsifiers and are literally washed out. Mineral oils and silicones form a pleasant film on the skin, but they cannot integrate into the natural skin structure, as the body cannot process artificial substances, and in the long term lead to a breakdown in the functions of the skin barrier. Moreover, mineral oils have an occlusive effect (they close the pores); as a result, the lower skin layers literally suffocate and suspend their activity. The skin produces reduced amounts of essential lipids and increasingly loses its ability to bind moisture. Find out more about natural cosmetics without …


Skin-affine cosmetics

The ideal solution for a resistant and intact skin barrier is the use of skin-affine cosmetics, i.e., skincare that imitates the skin barrier in its composition. These include jojoba oil, shea butter and other natural waxes. In addition, the skin barrier should be strengthened and supported in its function by valuable ceramides and natural fatty acids, which can be incorporated into the skin barrier as building blocks. Vegetable oils rich in natural fatty acids include argan oil, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, shea butter and sea buckthorn.

Discover our skin-affine cosmetics and look forward to a resistant skin barrier that no temperature, no matter how icy, can harm.


Winter Beauty Regime


Step 1: The double cleansing

Let’s start with our wonderfully scented and nourishing Gentle Make Up Remover. Even waterproof makeup can be removed effortlessly and due to its very good tolerability, the oil is also suitable for particularly dry and sensitive skin types. At the same time, the skin is nourished with valuable plant oils.

This is followed by the cleansing with the Delicate Cleansing Milk. This particularly mild cleansing milk with nourishing and protective functional ingredients respects the natural skin balance and naturally stimulates microcirculation.


Step 2: Moisturize + balance

As a connecting link between cleansing and care, our Gentle Balancing Toner not only frees the skin from any residues and dirt particles but also provides intensive moisture, has a balancing effect and optimally prepares the skin for further care steps. In addition, reddenings can be minimized and dry spots can be reduced. The skin’s natural pH value is rebalanced.

Gentle Make Up Remover00 Gentle cleansing oil

€540.00 / 1 l

New Formula
Delicate Cleansing Milk00 Gentle cleansing milk

€160.00 / 1 l

New Formula
Gentle Balancing Toner00 Balancing toner

€160.00 / 1 l

Step 3: Intensive care with functional ingredients

A well-moisturized skin is the basis of an intact skin barrier. Our Ultra Hydration Serum provides intensive moisture and can increase the skin’s resistance. As an intensive treatment for dry and dehydrated facial skin, it is an absolute must-have for winter care.

*Our tip: Tapping improves the absorption of the intensive care and improves the blood circulation of the skin. The skin becomes more active and firmer.


Step 4: Oil You Need

Immediately after moisturizing, our Age Repair Miracle Drops are put to use. This highly concentrated facial oil with antioxidant, moisturizing and firming plant oils provides a smooth, radiant and velvety soft skin. When applying, the skin should still be moist, so that the oil can combine with the water, penetrate the skin and store the moisture there for a long time.


Schritt 5: All Eyes On Your Eyes

The sensitive skin around the eyes needs increased attention and care, especially in winter. Our intensively moisturizing and vitalizing Hydrating Eye Cream, with lightly draining functional ingredients and shea butter, has a moisturizing effect and protects the delicate skin in the eye area.


Step 6: A dose of extra protection

The Barrier Restoring Rich Cream is our richest cream and your ace during the cold season. Selective plant functional ingredients and valuable high-tech ceramides can sustainably improve the skin’s resistance to external stress factors and promote an intact skin barrier. Like a second layer of protection applied over your daily skincare, this rich cream offers optimal protection for wind and weather.


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