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7 steps towards the perfect Home Spa

We all know how important a proper skincare routine is. That’s why we should always take the time to regularly indulge ourselves. We’ll show you how you can enjoy a luxurious feel-good treatment without leaving your house.



In order to create the perfect atmosphere for a Home Spa, you should first make a few preparations so that you can completely relax afterward.

Open the window and air your own personal wellness oasis. Use the time to take a few deep breaths: breathe out completely – then breathe in deeply: the belly rises – hold your breath for a moment and then breathe out again forcefully: the belly lowers. At the same time, place both hands on your belly and feel inside: How am I doing? What do I feel? What do I smell? What colors do I see? Let your thoughts arise and perceive them – but don’t judge them, just let them move on.


Step 1 − The right atmosphere

Play some quiet, relaxing music in the background. Soft sounds of Tibetan singing bowls or nature sounds are ideal and make it easier to let go.

Create the right wellness feeling with a delightful scented room fragrance. Set the room temperature to a comfortable level, dim the lights or light a few candles. Prepare everything you need: from bath foam to bath salts, massage oils, scrubs and masks to a soothing body lotion and facial care. Then pre-warm your towels and now you’re ready to dive into your own Home Spa.

Give yourself a digital time-out. The key here is not only to turn off all electronic devices (laptop, cell phone, landline, tablet, and Alexa) but also to inform your partner and family that you are taking some undisturbed break time.

Step 2 − Caldarium

Start your wellness break by properly warming up your body down to the bones. A relaxing bath with aromatic oils and bath salts or a nice long warm shower are perfect. A 10-15 minute timeout to let your mind wander weightlessly.

Tip: A homemade detox drink (tap water, lemon, fresh mint and grapefruit) leaves everyday stress behind and provides you with sufficient liquid from the inside. A folded towel is perfect as a headrest.

Step 3 − Peeling

Now it’s time for skincare. A body peeling removes dead skin cells, refines the skin texture and boosts cell renewal. You will feel a general activation on a physical and mental level.

Basically, any skin tolerates peeling. It is only important that the application is adapted to the skin type and the body zone. Since the facial skin is more sensitive than the body skin, a particularly gentle peeling should be used here. If you have sensitive skin, it is better to use an enzyme peeling instead of a mechanical peeling.

Afterward, do not dry the body completely, but gently dab it with a warmed bath towel so that the skin remains slightly moist. This is important so that the subsequent care can be well absorbed into the skin. The moisture on the skin forms a natural emulsifier.

Step 4 − Face mask

Let’s move on to part two of the skincare routine. Wrapped in comfortably warm towels, you can now apply the skin type-specific face mask. The pores, opened and cleansed by the peeling, absorb the face mask’s functional ingredients and supply the skin with everything it needs.

For an extra boost, you can apply the appropriate serum under the mask. This will give your skin a true shower of functional ingredients with minimal time investment. The particularly thin skin around the eyes requires special attention. To expertly care for the eye areas, apply an eye cream slightly thicker as an eye mask. For the next 10-15 minutes, enjoy the peace and quiet, feel the functional ingredients working and relax on the sofa with a hot cup of tea. Then wash off the mask with lukewarm water.

Step 5 − Care

To moisturize your skin after the peeling, it is now time to oil, cream and massage. Start with your face: use a toner to optimally prepare the skin for the following care. A powerful serum provides the skin with important nutrients deep into the skin. After the serum, you can also apply a daycare to the face, neck and décolleté.

For the body, it is best to choose a rich body oil or moisturizing body milk and gently massage it in with circular movements. Pay special attention to your hands and soles and massage them thoroughly.

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Step 6 – Pure relaxation

Now relax on the sofa and put your legs up. Try to let go of all thoughts and consciously perceive the music. This relaxes the mind and relieves stress. A hot cup of tea and a good book are the ideal conclusion of a relaxing wellness day at home. At bedtime, you can apply a few sprays of a pillow spray with lavender to your pillow. This will lift your spirits and ensure a deep and restful sleep.

Step 7 − Repeat

Already plan your next home spa day. Because everyone needs some regular time off to focus entirely on themselves. A spa day guarantees that you have some time to dedicate just to yourself – without sharing it with your work or family and friends.

This day is something that keeps us going and energized for the rest of the month. You deserve it!

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