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The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, 394 meters below sea level. It is a salt lake located between Jordan and Israel. Due to the lack of streams of water and strong evaporation, its waters have a very high salinity, 10 times higher than that of other seas. Dead Sea Salts and Minerals help stimulate and invigorate the natural skin degenerative process. Ideal for relaxing the body.
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The pure dead sea salt can be used for the following treatments:
- Aroma Oil Salt Peeling: 80-100g Dead Sea Salt / 30-50ml Premium Massage Oil / 6-12 drops Active Synergy ROSIS DELUXE
- Cellulite wrap: as an additive to enhance the osmotic effect (see protocol)
- Water baths: 80-150g / 12 drops Active Synergy ROSIS DELUXE / Rose blossoms
- Foot bath: 15-30g
Ingredients Pure salt from the Dead Sea
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I haven't tried it yet.

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