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High-quality natural massage oil with pure Saint John's wort extract with relaxing, soothing and affine effect on tendons and ligaments. A sensation of wellbeing for the entire movement apparatus. Traditionally used for the Dorn and Breuss massages.
Art.Code: VP003

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This high-quality massage oil with St. John's wort extract is the ideal massage oil for all massages in the health-promoting area with targeted affinity on tendons, ligaments and the nerve tissue: We use approx. 10-30ml massage oil (partial and whole body massages) and massage. Due to the skin care properties, the massage oil can be left on the body after the treatment. In order to respond to the different needs of the customers, this oil can be refined with our active synergies and oily extracts. The following are the recipes:
- Massage with affinity to tendons, ligaments and nerve tissue: 10-30ml Soothing Massage Oil Saint John's Wort / 3-6 drops Active Synergy DOLORES / 3-6 drops Active Synergy SPORT RELAX
- Health Massage: 10-30ml Soothing Massage Oil Saint John's Wort
Hightech natural ingredients ST. JOHN'S WORT | anti-inflammatory, soothing, nerve-affine, cell recreation
VITAMIN E | antioxidants
SUNFLWOER OIL | skin care, suppleness
ROSEMARY EXTRACT | super-antioxidants