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Exfoliating Facial Scrub, 50 ml

Mechanical facial peeling


Mechanical facial peeling with fine jojoba seeds for a deeply cleansed and refined skin texture. Dead skin cells are gently removed and the skin is freed from blocked pores. With astringent and soothing active ingredients. For a clear and rosy complexion.
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  • Gently dissolves dead skin cells
  • Frees blocked pores
  • Astringent and soothing functional ingredients
  • Clarifying, firming and moisturizing

Sensation Clarified, deeply cleansed and rosy-fresh

Fragrance Sweet

Suited to All skin types
Not recommended for sensitive and couperose prone skin
Apply to face, neck and décolleté and massage in with circular movements. During application, moisten the product repeatedly with lukewarm water as needed to better work it into the skin and keep the consistency smooth. Finally, remove thoroughly with lukewarm water or a warm, humid sea sponge. Application: 1 - 2 times per week.
Hightech natural ingredients JOJOBA SEEDS | peeling, abrasive particles
ZINC OXIDE | serves as a natural UV absorber, helps to reduce harmful effects on the skin caused by external influences
ROSEMARY | Super Antioxidant, clarifying, activating, slightly astringent
MALLOW | protective, ideal for dry skin and pigmentation marks, soothing, moisturizing, supports the natural skin barrier
COMFREY | calming, soothing, can support cell regeneration