Certified organic cosmetics

Organic cosmetics — why it’s worth it

What is the difference between organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics? We show you why organic cosmetics are worthwhile and what you should look out for when buying organic cosmetics.

Our skin is a complex system: it is protection, barrier, and connection at the same time. Global warming, pesticides in vegetables, plastic in the sea, and problematic cosmetic ingredients are increasingly awakening in us a longing for purity and naturalness. Cosmetics from organic cultivation are practically made for it.

In addition to care from within, through a conscious diet and active lifestyle, external care is also essential for our (skin) health. Organic cosmetics are rich in valuable ingredients and, due to their environmentally friendly production, are gentle on our skin and protect our planet.

What is organic cosmetics?

Organic cosmetics are products that carry a high proportion of ingredients from controlled organic agriculture. While both certified natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics contain mainly plant origin ingredients, the organic share in organic cosmetics is higher. The use of chemical fertilizers is taboo in organically grown ingredients. Organic products are, therefore, less polluted than conventional products. Besides, the raw materials in organic cosmetics are usually processed more gently and with more effort. This is good for nature and our body.


Organic cosmetics are not always vegan.

Organic cosmetics also contain products of animal origin, such as organic beeswax. However, these must meet strict criteria and be obtained under incredibly mild conditions. However, if you are looking for vegan cosmetics, you should also look for the vegan label.


What makes organic cosmetics, and what labels are there?

There are different official labels for natural and organic cosmetics, which guarantee that the products are high-quality, certified natural cosmetics. In concrete terms, this means that the raw materials must be obtained from renewable sources, are kind to the environment, and are carefully processed. Besides, petroleum-based ingredients, silicones, and PEGs are prohibited in certified organic cosmetics, and at least 95% of all components must be natural. The packaging material used must be biodegradable or recyclable. Animal products are only allowed if they are organic products produced in-house, such as organic honey.

There are different organic certifications, such as Ecocert, BDIH, Natrue, ICEA, and COSMOS. Our products have an ICEA certificate. It guarantees that the formulations are based on natural raw materials and plant-based ingredients. These ingredients must be environmentally friendly and harmless to human health.

How do organic cosmetics benefit my skin?

More and more people are interested in cosmetics free of harmful substances and not tested on animals. Since our skin can absorb up to 60% of what is applied to it, it is essential to care for it with pure and high-quality ingredients. Our skin can absorb natural ingredients better. Organically grown ingredients are mainly free from residues of pesticides, synthetic chemicals, and fertilizers. Therefore, organic cosmetics can reduce the risk of harmful substances to a minimum.

Besides, natural ingredients are usually better absorbed by our skin. Synthetic ingredients such as mineral oils and silicones cannot integrate into the natural skin structure because the body cannot process artificial substances. On the other hand, jojoba oil, shea butter, and other natural waxes are ideally absorbed by the skin because their composition mimics the skin barrier.

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Are organic cosmetics better for the environment?

Natural cosmetics are usually better for the environment because the raw materials used are traditionally produced sustainably and come from controlled organic cultivation. Besides, these are renewable raw materials. Certified natural cosmetics do not contain any raw materials from dead animals and do not conduct animal testing. Organic cosmetics do not permit any petroleum-based products or products with hormone-active and carcinogenic ingredients.

Holistic skin health with organic cosmetics

Organic cosmetics often differ from other cosmetics in their underlying approach to skincare. Instead of concealing supposed “flaws”, organic cosmetics aim to support the skin in its primary functions and take its messages seriously. The aim is to bring the skin into a natural balance with gentle ingredients with an affinity for the skin, which leads to long-term and sustainable skin health. That is also the goal of our certified organic natural cosmetics.

Kosmetik Produkte in Bio Qualität
Kosmetik Produkte in Bio Qualität

Ingredients in organic cosmetics

Nature holds a multitude of skincare wonders in its hands. We have compiled some of our botanical specialties for you.



Ceramides are a natural component of our skin. They play an important role in our skin barrier and the hydration of it. When environmental influences heavily stress the skin, ceramides help to support the skin’s natural barrier function in the long term. Rich in moisture and protection, ceramides make the skin soft and elastic.



Squalene is a component of the natural hydro-lipid film, or more precisely, the barrier layer of our skin. Squalane is a hydrated form of squalene extracted from olives, for example. It is known as phytosqualane. It protects the skin from moisture loss, is nourishing, has a protective effect, and makes the skin elastic and soft.

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The “liquid gold of Morocco” contains 80 percent unsaturated fatty acids and the antioxidant vitamin E. The linoleic acid in argan oil acts as a natural cell protector and can support the regeneration of new skin cells. It is also said to improve skin elasticity and have a moisturizing effect on skin and hair.


Kalahari melon

The exquisite Kalahari melon seed oil, rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E, is considered the new wonder weapon in skincare. It is richer in essential fatty acids and antioxidants than many other oils. This nourishing miracle oil has a moisturizing and firming effect and can stimulate skin cells’ growth.


Para cress

Para cress, also known as jambú, acts as a natural wrinkle-smoothing agent. The spilanthol in the plant has a mild muscle-relaxing effect and can thus smooth wrinkles and lines and tighten the skin.



Baobab, the fruit of the baobab tree, is a super antioxidant: it improves skin elasticity and leaves skin feeling firm and smooth.

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Jojoba oil is ideal for sensitive skin. It is rich in vitamins that smooth and nourish the skin. Due to its light formula, it does not have an occlusive effect and protects the skin effectively.


Evening primrose

Evening primrose oil has a calming effect and brings the skin into balance. It also counteracts the skin’s loss of moisture and is often used to prevent skin aging.


Roseroot (Rhodiola rosea)

Roseroot is a medicinal plant from the Arctic regions of Siberia and is considered the secret of beauty. This “anti-stress plant” is one of the most potent adaptogens and helps the skin to adapt better. In other words, it increases the skin’s resistance to external stress factors – a real miracle plant for sensitive skin.

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Beard lichen (Usnea barbata)

Beard lichen is known for its antibacterial effect thanks to the usnic acid it contains. It is particularly effective against the germs that are significantly involved in developing acne and blemished skin. Beard lichen is also a known remedy for rosacea.



Besides the leaves, the mallow root is used and valued for its high mucilage content. When applied externally, the mucilage acts as a protective layer on the injured or inflamed skin area and allows it to heal more quickly. Besides, marshmallow has a cleansing, soothing, and moisturizing effect.